About Us

The Living Large vision started in 2017 when it came to this crazy, loving, hard-working, dysfunctional family. We had experienced some major ups and downs in our lives and we decided that is was time to move forward!

We came to the conclusion that we all have a choice in life. We wanted to choose to live happily and be grateful for all the things and experiences in our life, past and present! Sometimes it is definitely more challenging to find the good in every situation, but it is there, as it's all about perception;) I mean the car must have broken down on the way home from work so that it wouldn't the next day on the way to a soccer tournament, right?!

Let me tell you that we have found that there is so much power in thinking positive each day, and being grateful! It seems to bring more of it into our lives! Our goal is to help others find joy in their daily lives too with laughing and loving more! We hope our t-shirts and apparel bring laughter to all and we hope it will serve as a reminder to have fun every single day and enjoy the present moment! My family and I hope you take lots of selfies and pictures with our apparel and as time goes on you look back at them and smile or laugh because you were Living Large:)

Our family is on a journey and we would love for you to join us and our tribe. We want to spread the good cheer and help motivate others to believe that we are all capable of having it all in life and of LIVING LARGE in mind, body and soul.